I'm excited about Chapel Hill's future

In the past two years, Chapel Hill has laid the foundation for a more innovative, creative, and financially sustainable community. As your mayor, I am excited about continuing to move us forward economically, socially, and environmentally while remaining true to our progressive college town roots.


My plan


Diversify our tax base and increase high-quality jobs

• Establish a business accelerator and new co-working space to capture UNC spin-offs and grow start-ups
• Welcome opportunities to get commercial office space out of the ground to retain growing companies and attract new ones
• Promote light industrial development in areas suitable for advanced manufacturing, research, and the life sciences

Plan proactively to meet the needs of our growing and diverse community

• Appoint a task force to plan for better opportunities and more recreational space for our teens
• Work closely with Orange County to create an aging-friendly community for our senior population
• Formulate and begin implementing a strategic plan to create more affordable housing 

Expand arts, culture, and recreational opportunities

• Work to ensure that plans for the American Legion property will provide an exciting and economically sustainable town recreational and cultural amenity
• Increase offerings and spaces for arts and cultural activities throughout Chapel Hill

Retake our place as a leader on environmental issues

• Champion integrated and innovative regional approaches to water quality issues associated with the growing population in the Jordan Lake and other area watersheds
• Work with local stakeholders and partners to facilitate increased use of clean energy solutions and best practices


I look forward to sharing my thoughts on these initiatives during the campaign and hearing from each of you. Together, we can make this vision a reality and ensure Chapel Hill’s place as a progressive economic, social, and cultural leader of the Triangle.