Pam Hemminger for Mayor

Chapel Hill needs a new leader, one who will value its college town setting, progressive sensibilities and world-class education. There is a disconnect between the place people say they want Chapel Hill to be and the decisions our current leadership promotes. 

As your mayor, I will:

Plan for a Solid Financial Future

It's time to diversify our tax base, make smarter decisions with town resources, and budget for a sustainable future.


Champion Good Growth

We can stay true to our college town character as we bring economic opportunity, new energy, and smart development to Chapel Hill.


Live Up to Our Values

We need to do more than talk about our values — we need to insist that the decisions we make really support inclusiveness, social justice, affordable housing and strong environmental standards.


Improve Collaboration

Our leaders need to do a better job of responding to citizens concerns and building coalitions with the schools, UNC, and the county to make good things happen for us all.

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On a recent field trip, members of the Upper Neuse River Basin Association (UNRBA) board got to see our stream...

Posted by Pam Hemminger for Mayor on Wednesday, September 23, 2015


"While working with Pam as chair of the Southern Community Park Design Committee, I was most impressed by her leadership skills and knowledge of the issues. In addition to being well-organized and well-informed, Pam played a major role in ensuring that all of the committee members felt empowered and respected. She did an excellent job in reaching compromises between the various individuals and groups advocating their favored design aspects, and in the end, we arrived at a great outcome for both the southern area and the town.

"Pam has since moved on to many other, larger public duties in which she continued to provide the same quiet, calm, knowledgeable and inclusive leadership."

—Scott Madry, PhD, Chapel Hill

"Rainbow Soccer has been the beneficiary of Pam’s guidance and passion for many years. As a board member she has helped us complete field renovations, provide financial aid to over 200 players every season and continue to provide budgetary guidance and vision for the future. Now the town of Chapel Hill will enjoy her energy and broad thinking as the town faces a future full of change. We support this wonderful woman and what she stands for. Good luck Pam!"

—Rainbow Soccer, Chapel Hill

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